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Currently, ProClaim is assisting several healthcare providers in receiving the maximum benefit reimbursement of each claim processed. Our services are implemented with the continued personal connection that ProClaim is proud to offer. 

The experience of our qualified billing staff range from neonatology, psychiatric, orthopaedic and physical therapy billing, to name a few. If we are inexperienced within a particular discipline that seeks our service, we have the resources needed to expand our knowledge to deliver the same quality service.

Before entering the medical billing field, ProClaim founder, Tiffany Buell was trained as a medical claims processor for MetLife Insurance. This experience proved vital when the transition from processing to billing was made. Tiffany had a look into the other realm of this industry and understands all elements of claims handling, from billing to processing.

ProClaim is continually educated on the changes within the billing community. Training is extended to our staff as regulations are implemented regarding claims billing, HIPAA, or any other billing, security, or privacy standards that are set forth.

Handling the chaos of the adjudication process with payors and competently conversing with all the insurance rhetoric to find resolution on claims, is an innate ability for which ProClaim prides itself.

Proud member of the
American Medical Billing Association


Proud member of the
American Association of Professional Coders.