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"About Tiffany and ProClaim, I would say that I am enjoying the high qualities of work manifested in professionality, punctuality and availability. Their work certainly worth's more than what they charge. I am very appreciative of their work and strongly recommend ProClaim to my colleagues." Dr. Nabi Latif, MD

“I don’t know what I would do without Tiffany! She makes my life so much easier! I really appreciate that she is always dependable, hard-working, patient, persistent, and fun.” - Andrea Heiden, MA, LMFT

"My billing was a disaster! ProClaim was able to resolve all of the issues with my claims to get them processed and paid correctly. Tiffany is always available when I need her, a valuable benefit not always present with other billing companies."
- Rosalie Proffer, MA, LMFT